Server setup for YouTube clones -mencoder+ffmpeg+ffmeg-php+flvtool2+mplayer+libraries+etc.+etc.

This service works with Dreamhost post the horrible Debian update as well

It works for Bluehost servers post recent updates.

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Ok we’ve been getting a few requests for setting up servers for youtube clones. The back and forth on mail is kinda “not happening” so I’ve written a quick list of what we “need” to get it all rolling and fast! Here’s the list:

  • I need the ssh details of the server. Usually if you came to this page you already tried a bit of poking around so you know what ssh is.
  • I also need to know if you already have a you tube clone script setup (try Social Media, vshare or clipshare). If you do I’ll need to know so that I can test using that script. For an additional negotiable amount, usually $30 but may vary upon complexity, I can help you setup your youtube clone.
  • I also need to pay bills (occasional trip to the Bahamas and the weekend parties at the Tiki bar…. Hilton is just so pretentiously expensive), so I charge for this service. USD 50 is what I expect and I can send you my paypal details if you’re interested and are able to paypal.
  • Since a few people ripped us off we need the payment before we start the work
  • Depending on how your server is setup it takes about 24 hours to set it all up. I can throw in the test application if you’re looking for a script as well please let me know upfront so that I can let you know any reasonable additional charges involved for this script .

So there you are now ping me when you’re ready…. mail me through the Contact Form Here’s a List of scripts we have successfully setup on shared as well as dedicated hosting

  • PHPmotion
  • HWDVideoShare component for Joomla
  • Achtube component for Joomla
  • Clipshare (all versions)
  • Vshare
  • videoshare(agriya)
  • Rayzz
  • social media
  • OSTube
  • PHPFox
  • other custom made scripts for various sites which want to be left anonymous(probably haven’t discovered the magic of reciprocal link exchanges yet 🙁 )

Go ahead and make the payment and while at it also send the ssh information in the encrypted secure message so that I can get on the job right away:

Service Options

47 thoughts on “Server setup for YouTube clones -mencoder+ffmpeg+ffmeg-php+flvtool2+mplayer+libraries+etc.+etc.”

  1. Hi, I am new to video uploading but basically I code using asp and host on windows servers. Is it possible for you to create a script that will upload a video in various different formats to my webserver,convert to suitable format (flv) and then post to another one of my asp pages so I can insert records into db etc along with filename of uploaded video. Also is it possible to have a small thumbnail of the video shown to the user before it is played in the browser – dont know how this works but maybe it grabs the first frame of the clip??? Can this be done,how much and how long would it take ? If you have any other suggestions they would be most welcome. Thanks

  2. hi, are you able to install ffmpeg on centos5 shared vps? how much would it cost in total to get to the stage where my site members can upload and share videos?


  3. Hi,

    I just purchased a dedicated server with Serverbeach and need to get the required modules installed to run my phpmotion site.
    – PHP 4.3 and above (including support of CLI)
    – MySQL database server
    – LAME MP3 Encoder
    – Libogg + Libvorbis
    – Mencoder and also Mplayer
    – FFMpeg-PHP
    – GD Library 2 or higher
    – CGI-BIN
    – Be able to run background processes

    Can you please email me the details for this service, paypal info, pricing etc…

    Thank You,


    1. The service for installing the prerequisites is available for $50. It includes installation of all the requisites listed by you. cgi-bin is a webserver feature available with apache so that is more of a script installation thing (I can also do the script install for $30 extra). I take around 4 hours for this installation.

  4. Hello there,

    I have a dedicated server with lunarpage,
    I am trying to install phpmotion but it doesn’t work.

    Is your $50USD for setting up the server environment properly + install phpmotion?


    1. Hi Tim,
      Lunar pages does not provide ssh access to shared account holders. If you need me to set up the ffmpeg etc and make phpmotion work you need to give me ssh information. Dreamhost is one such hosts if you are open to migration

  5. I need a better way to show my video on my site. I would like to expand this one and/or set up a new one that would include sharing (YouTube style) I would also like to stream live. Can it be done without a bailout?

    Please contact me directly.



  6. dera sirs,

    can you please give me a cost for having ffmpeg installed on my server, I am also looking to have Zend installed is this something you could do? If so what would the costs be and time period for completion.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I charge $50 for the server setup and can also setup the ZendOptimizer in the same install.
      I’ll need 8 hours for the setup and the ssh details.
      Let me know and thanks for visiting the site. Would also suggest eaccelerator setup to speed up the site.

  7. hi i would like to know how much it cost for installing vshare required server set ups?


  8. Hello,
    I wanted to know if you still install ffmpeg and all required server-side apps to run clip-share 4.0? And if so, is it still $40? I can install the clone script myself, just need help with running it on Will BlueHost notice that the ffmpeg (or other apps) were installed?
    Thanks for your help.

  9. Well, the service I received from Imtiaz was fantastic! I received an email back straighta way and we had arranged for everything to be set up and ready within 20 minutes.

    Job took only a few hours and my site is now working and fully functional.

    Thanks Imtiaz, I recommened any one who struggles with SSH to get it done correctly.

  10. I’d like to know how much you would charge for taking a look at my current installation of FFmpeg-PHP and get it working?

    And just check to see that all FFmpeg, Flv2tools, Mplayer + Mencoder, Libogg + Libvorbi, LAME MP3 Encoder are all functioning correctly?

  11. Hi Imtiaz,

    absolut GREAT SERVICE! I can only recommend your good and quick service to everyone.

    Again many thanks for doing this!!!



  12. Hi Martin,
    I can do the setup on any hosting that has ssh access enabled. As such if you are looking to buy hosting I have my own server where I could host your site for a low fee. Get in touch with me for details if interested.

  13. I would like to use your services to install all video encoding to dreamhost server. I did osmething. it converts the frames however doesnt upload the flv file. please contact me thanks

  14. Imtiaz is a great professional.
    I asked a lot of people in order to install a script and nobody could do. Then, i read about Imtiaz, i asked for his help and he did it in 48 hours, all works perfect.
    Sure i will ask for his services in the future.

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