Video Conversion script — Many formats to .flv

This is a script that converts your videos to flash video format, better known as flv, so as to be able to share them on the internet, just like on Youtube!

We have two different variants of this script, click the links below to try each one out:

We encourage you to try out all three scripts and let us know if you find something which you’d like integrated into your site.

We offer server setup for these and many other video share scripts. We also do script installs at $30 a pop. For a query about any script you need installed (besides the ones we develop) please feel free to use the Contact Form.

4 thoughts on “vidEnable”

  1. Imtiaz, can you get the demos of this back online? Is videnable still a supported product? I’d like to see version 3, having been a happy customer of older versions.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    I’m after a script to run on my linux server to convert a ton of avi/mpg/wmv videos to flv, ideally double pass like YouTube does ? If this is what vidEnable does, am I able to purchase the command line tool to run on my server ?

    1. Hi Mike,
      Yes this is what videnable would ideally be used for. Please let me know if you are ooking to have us setup your server with this tool.


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