always backup

a client pinged… he has lost his database for a site which he had spent close to 6 months on… he interpreted a mail from a script provider differently and ended up deleting the db…. the backup is from when he had first set it all up. I had setup his server and used to help him off and on with any tuneups or security issues.

What can I say backups are never a waste… ever…. if nothing atleast you’ll get some of it all back…. he seems to have lost 500 odd client details…. I’ve referred him to the host to try and see if they have something tucked away somewhere but then thats a bleak one…

We offer backup planning and automation. When people are starting off they feel it’d be a waste of time but when something like this happens thats when you realise how important a simple automated backup system is…. and it doesnt cost the earth either…. ask for the backup service

Pray for Al I hope it works out for him…

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